Covid Proof Production

Since the beginning of Covid-19 in March last year, we have been continuously  been producing within the Covid restrictions. The Dutch Media industry have been joining forces and has drawn up the Netherlands Covid-19 Protocol for the Audiovisual Sector. Please find a PDF copy of this protocol here.During productions, we will comply with this protocol and all current regulations of the RIVM (Dutch National Institute of Public Health and Environment).In addition to these rules and the protocol, we always work with a Covid Supervisor on set. This Covid-19 trained professional will make sure all rules and the protocol are observed and will supply all materials necessary to have a Safe Set.

Live streams
All Clients, Agency and Crew will be able to watch the footage via a Q-take login on their phones. Or any other device you prefer. 4G technology is used to transmit live video, without distance limitation, to any device with internet connection across the world.  A combination of wireless, wired and cellular networks are used to offer the fastest and clearest transmission of both sound and image. These are transmitted via the cloud or an app to any laptop, monitor or smartphone that has internet connection. Both are transmitted, depending on the recipient’s internet connection, either in real time or up to 3 minutes delay.  – The same live feed can be transmitted simultaneously to an almost unlimited amount of recipients in unlimited locations around the globe.