Felice Bakker, helps brands connect with their audiences through the medium of film. 

Having cut her teeth in some of the most demanding media hubs like LA, Felice has built a body of work that includes short films, feature films, and advertisements. Upon returning to The Netherlands, Felice founded The Filmers to monetize the extensive production experienced she’d garnered over the years. She recently changed the name of her company to @BlondVelvet_, a conscious move to transform her professional service into a production house laser-focused on telling powerful film-based stories for consumer brands. Recent work includes ads for Chevrolet, Nestlé, and Skechers. Be it global or local brands, Felice’s Blond Velvet understands how to create an impactful way to tell a commercial story on film. 🎬

Felice embodies the powerful meeting point of drive, organisation, and creativity. It’s no wonder she shares the words of the American film director and screenwriter Jennifer Lee in one of her Instagram posts:

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”

Felice Bakker